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Do you have an old or unwanted 4×4 that you want to get rid of? After it has completed its life cycle, it is best to sell it off to a 4×4 wrecker and remove an eyesore from your property. We accept your old car, look no further than Braybrook Auto Wreckers- trusted 4WD wreckers in Braybrook, Melbourne.

As a leading 4×4 dismantler in Braybrook, Melbourne, we offer an extensive inventory of high-quality 4×4 spares. Whether you’re a car owner, workshop professional, or mechanic, we cater to your needs with a wide range of premium and rare 4WD parts.

4×4 Wreckers – We Wreck all 4×4 Of All Makes & Models

We deal with all types of 4×4 vehicles and wreck them for spare parts along with scrap metal. We take pride in our comprehensive 4×4 wrecking services that cover a wide array of makes and models. We have a dependable source for quality spare parts and components, ensuring exceptional dismantling and salvaging of 4×4 vehicles.

Here are the various models and makes of 4WD that we deal with:

  • Holden

  • Mazda

  • Volkswagen

  • Mitsubishi

  • Mercedes

  • Isuzu

  • Suzuki

  • Hyundai

  • Honda

  • Daihatsu

  • Jeep

  • Volvo

  • Nissan

  • BMW

Don’t see your 4×4 in the list, just call our team member and share the details. We buy the widest range of 4WDs at fair prices.

Benefits of Buying Used 4×4 Parts

Are you still wondering if you should buy new or used parts for your 4WD? Here are the various benefits of getting wrecked 4×4 used spare parts:

  • Save Money: The substantial cost disparity between new OEM parts and used spares provides a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t strain your finances.

  • Compatible Parts: Used 4×4 parts are often sourced from vehicles of the same make and model. This ensures a higher degree of compatibility and a seamless fit within your vehicle’s mechanics. Compared to this, it may be difficult to find matching or compatible parts with newer models.

  • Immediate Availability: By choosing used 4×4 parts, you can swiftly address repairs and replacements without waiting for new components to be ordered and delivered. This expedited availability minimises downtime and gets your 4×4 back on the road faster.

  • High Quality: Many used 4×4 parts retain their original manufacturer quality and performance. Upgrading with quality used 4×4 parts can lead to improved performance and capabilities.

  • Customisation Opportunities: Used 4×4 parts offer an affordable way to personalise your vehicle to match your preferences and requirements.

Why Choose Us For 4×4 Wreckers in Braybrook, Melbourne?

Braybrook Auto Wreckers is one of the most trusted 4×4 wreckers in Braybrook, Melbourne. We have expertise, knowledge and a customer-focused approach that have made us the go-to choice for old car sales. If you’re looking for reliable 4×4 accessories and used spare parts, we can help you out. For both old car sellers and spare parts buyers, we provide fair and competent services. With us, you get:

  • Top dollars for 4×4

  • Cash for 4×4 cars

  • Free Towing and expert 4×4 wrecking

  • Experience in handling hazardous materials

  • Compliance with all regulations

  • Environmentally friendly disposal

  • Large inventory of used car spare parts

  • Recycling of parts and scrap metal

  • Affordable pricing

To sell your 4×4 car or buy spare parts for any model of 4WD, call us now on 03 9312 2222 or email us at braybrookwreckersgroup@gmail.com. You can also use our online form for queries or assistance and our team will get in touch with you.


Yes, as a trusted 4×4 wrecker, we offer a warranty on the used parts that we sell. Every 4WD part that we salvage from an old vehicle is thoroughly checked, cleaned and tested. Only the parts whose performance is found satisfactory are sent to the inventory for sale.

The used 4×4 spare parts offer various benefits because of which they have become the first choice of buyers. These are cheaper when compared to new parts. It is also easier to find rare and out-of-production spare parts with car wreckers. They are also tried and tested parts that come with an adequate warranty from the wrecking company.

We understand the stress that most sellers feel when trying to sell their old vehicles. Here’s how our 4×4 wrecking or sale process works:

  • Share details and get a quote
  • Schedule pick up
  • Paperwork and cash payment
  • Free towing

Our entire process is transparent and overboard with Braybrook Auto Wreckers. To sell your 4×4, call us now on 03 9312 2222.

There is no towing charge when you sell your old or unwanted 4×4 vehicle to us. We offer free towing as part of our buying service. It is advisable that you should always ask and confirm upfront regarding towing charges when you sell your old or junk 4WD to another buyer.

Our used 4×4 parts are meticulously sourced from a variety of makes and models, ensuring a diverse selection to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to provide compatibility and options, allowing you to find the right component that seamlessly fits your 4×4 vehicle’s mechanics.

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