Expert Auto Wreckers in Altona – Find the Best Used Car Parts

Are you searching for an elusive spare part for your old car? You are in the right place then. Braybrook Auto Wreckers has a large stock of difficult-to-find vehicle parts for old models of cars, Utes, 4×4, vans etc. With one of the largest auto wreckers in Altona, we have access to all types of car parts that are not easily available in the market.

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality parts that will keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our car wrecking facility is known for its meticulous and secure scrap car dismantling procedures. On the very same day, we offer cash payouts. Our assessment process comes at no charge, and we extend our services to a wide range of brands.

These are some of the car parts that you can buy from us:

  • Toyota second hand parts
  • Ford second hand parts
  • Used Holden spare parts
  • Used Nissan spare parts
  • Mazda second hand parts
  • Mitsubishi used spare parts

We Accept Every Model for Car Wrecking – Ford, Toyota, Holden, 4×4 & Mitsubishi in Altona

If you possess an aged, undesirable, or non-functional vehicle that you intend to sell, our services as local auto dismantlers encompass the acquisition of various car models. We buy a diverse range of automobile models, encompassing cars, SUVs, and various other types of vehicles. Whether you own an American, Japanese, European, or Korean vehicle, our dedicated team is equipped to provide you with exceptional services. We specialise in salvaging and repurposing high-quality parts from these brands.

Here’s how our old car-buying process works:

  • Contact us and get a free quote
  • Schedule your free car inspection
  • Get Cash for cars
  • Get free towing

As advocates of responsible automotive recycling, we embrace a wide spectrum of brands, including some of the most prominent names in the industry. Here’s an overview of the car brands we buy and the specific services we offer for each:

  • Ford Wreckers: Are you a Ford enthusiast? We specialise in Ford wrecking in Altona, offering a range of used Ford parts. This includes Ford second hand parts and used Ford spare parts. Our collection ensures that your Ford vehicle remains in optimal condition.
  • Holden Wreckers: As dedicated Holden wreckers, we offer a variety of used Holden parts. Our inventory includes used Holden spare parts, allowing you to maintain your Holden with authenticity and reliability.
  • Nissan Wreckers: Our Nissan wrecking services offer a comprehensive range of used Nissan car parts and used Nissan spare parts. From essential components to specific used Nissan parts, we cater to your Nissan’s requirements with precision and care.
  • Mazda Wreckers: We offer a comprehensive selection of Mazda second hand parts. Whether you’re seeking specific components or general replacements, our Mazda wrecking services ensure you’ll find what you need.
  • Mitsubishi Wreckers: Our Mitsubishi wreckers provide access to Mitsubishi used parts, including Mitsubishi second hand parts and Mitsubishi used spare parts, guaranteeing quality and reliability.
  • Toyota Wreckers: Our Toyota wreckers services cover a broad range of Toyota vehicles. We offer an exclusive range of Toyota second hand parts and used Toyota parts to ensure the longevity of your Toyota vehicle in Altona.
  • 4×4 Wreckers: For those who favour the thrill of off-road adventures, our 4×4 dismantlers services offer sustainable solutions for your adventurous vehicles.

Why Are Car Wreckers Important?

Auto wreckers provide a valuable service to the community by recycling used car parts. They also dismantle the cars as per government regulations. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Additionally, if you have an old or unwanted car, you can easily get rid of it and make some extra money. Here are some of the reasons that make car wreckers important:

  • Expert in dismantling: Professional wreckers are experts in dismantling. This is a highly complicated work that is best left to experts.
  • Experience in handling hazardous materials: They have the experience and skills required to handle hazardous materials, chemicals or toxins. These come out of an old car during the dismantling process and need to be handled with caution.
  • Used parts extraction: The car wreckers extract usable parts from the vehicle. This helps to bring down demand for these spare parts and helps those looking for old car spares.
  • Recycling of scrap metal: Scrap metal is used in various industries and wrecked cars are a great source of the same.
  • Safe disposal: Skilled car wreckers dispose of the remains of the car safely. This is done to ensure minimum damage to the environment and at approved landfill sites.
  • Compliance with regulations: They follow all government norms and regulations regarding the wrecking, recycling or disposal of old cars.

Why Should You Buy Used Car Parts?

Selecting between new and used car parts can be perplexing for many vehicle owners. Beyond cost savings, the availability of used parts also holds a significant advantage. Here are the several benefits of buying used car parts in Altona and elsewhere in the city:

  • Saves you money: Purchasing new OEM or genuine parts can be expensive. Opting for used spare parts allows you to maintain your vehicle’s performance without straining your budget.
  • High-quality assurance: Used car parts extracted from older vehicles are subjected to testing and come with warranties, ensuring reliable performance. The car wreckers are experienced and extract only those parts that are in serviceable condition.
  • Rare parts: Car makers and spare parts manufacturers often prioritise newer models, making it challenging to find components for older vehicles. Car wreckers provide access to rare and scarce spare parts.
  • Eco-Friendly: By choosing a professional car wrecker, you can decrease your carbon footprint and conserve the environment. They help to bring down demand for new spare parts and dispose of the old car with minimum damage to the environment.

Visit Braybrook Auto Wreckers for Car Wrecking Services in Altona

For cash for cars and selling your old or unwanted car removal in Altona, look no further than Braybrook Auto Wreckers. We have more than 20 years of experience in wrecking cars and other vehicles. Every seller gets top dollar for every vehicle that they sell to us. Do you already have an offer? Let our team know and get a price beat.

Here are a few of the reasons that we are the trusted choice of hundreds of old car sellers and second hand car parts buyers:

  • Best prices for old cars
  • All models and makes accepted
  • Quick and simple car-selling process
  • Free towing of old and unwanted cars
  • Compliance with government regulations
  • Eco-friendly disposal
  • Source of high-quality spare parts
  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly and respectful staff

To sell your old or junk car and get the best price, fill out our online form or call us on 03 9312 2222. Our staff can also assist you with your orders for spare parts for old vehicles of all top brands. You can also email us at